About us

Spean is the first and only financial comparison site in Cambodia operated by SPEAN LUY Co., Ltd which is duly established in the country.

Banking and microfinance sectors in the country have seen massive growth in recent years which gave most people access to finance in the country.

However, they face critical challenges today such as high interest rates, multi-debt, and increase of non-performing loans. Now the whole sectors need to be improved.

Spean was founded with the aim of becoming a platform to connect borrowers with financial institutions as a bridge to tackle those challenges.


How it works

  • Spean is an interactive platform for both borrowers and banks/MFIs
  • For borrowers, compare and apply for the best loan as well as improve financial literacy
  • For banks/MFIs, search and contact borrowers through our site as a part of marketing tool


Our mission

To help borrowers learn more about finance and improve efficiency of banking/MFI sectors


Our vision

To create “Financial Inclusion 2.0” where people not only have access to finance but also can choose the most suitable products by themselves for their better lives with lower interest rates